Guns of Glory Hack

Guns of Glory Hack is an actually nice base structure strategy game for Android- and iOS-powered devices. Although it does not actually bring anything brand-new to the category, it offers a nice alternative universe to play in, some gorgeous graphics and highly addicting mechanics. And we’re here to assist make the experience even much better by sharing a bunch of Weapons of Magnificence cheats and ideas with gamers worldwide.

It’s true that if you played any base management video game previously, then you already know most of the stuff there is to be understood about this video game. However, in case you didn’t or you simply want to ensure that you do not miss out on anything important, check out our Guns of Glory Cheats pointers and techniques below.

1. Focus on finishing the objectives
Missions are exceptionally important, especially early on in the game as they get the base established for the future. I constantly advise gamers to follow the objectives and development through them as fast as possible. Early on, you can rush production of a lot of structures and you ought to do so since the more buildings you have and more upgrades for them, the better your start will be. Also, watch on the epic missions for legendary benefits!

Guns of Glory Cheats

Guns of Glory Cheats

2. Join an alliance ASAP
Being part of an alliance– and an active one, that is– is vital in the video game. So join one as soon as possible in order to take pleasure in all the advantages that come out of this. Being part of Guns of Glory Cheats active alliance is what makes or breaks this video game, so do not think twice to do some browsing prior to discovering the right one for you. As part of an alliance, your game will be a lot simpler and you will find a ton of extra methods to construct a much better empire.

3. Invest your Talent Points Sensibly
As you level up and total different tasks, you make Guns of Glory Hack Talent Points. These provide excellent advantages and assist enhance your video game a lot, however you need to be extremely cautious when investing them: not only that the quantity of Talent Points that you’re getting as you play is limited, but likewise resetting them costs a great deal of cash, so it isn’t really worth it.

There are three Talent classifications that you can buy: War, Economy and Balance. Personally, for a lot of cases, I would suggest gamers to stay away from the Economy upgrades due to the fact that these offer increases that can be made up for through attacks and regular play.

On the other hand, the War and Balance upgrades offer a lot of goodies and benefits in a fight, both in defence and offence of your troops, marching speed upgrades, fights against Monsters, loot carried and so on. These are extremely helpful and I would personally start with costs 6-10 points in the Balance early on in the video game, then switch to War and make my choices based on the type of game I’ll play.

4. Dominate the world!
Instead of waiting for your base to produce resources, it’s easier (and a lot more fun) to just head out there and take it. You can assault other players in the game, however, that is a danger on many cases as it will generally mean that retaliation will happen– and if they belong to a strong, active alliance, you could get strike a lot.

However you can still attack neutral regions on the map and take lots of benefits and goodies You can assault beasts (ensure you pick their level thoroughly), or farm neighbouring resource tiles. This will give you huge increases and benefits in the long term and it is the best way to play the game. Take care not to spread your army too thin when occupying these locations: it’s better to have fewer, much better-protected ones, than a lot of them that will be quickly taken control of by other gamers.

Finally, finding farming targets is a great idea: this suggests finding a lower level or inactive gamers that you can assault continuously for simple wins and great resource gains. It takes some time and luck, but once you discover such a target, it can show to be a truly rewarding method to keep assaulting them.

Guns of Glory Hack

5. Collect the complimentary goodies.
There are lots of Guns of Glory Hack goodies that you can make in Weapons of Magnificence, just ensure that you actually gather them. Log in daily, total objectives and check your mail every day and you will soon have lots of products ready to be put to good use. Ensure you do so and don’t lose the items you have! Also, watch on the structure in front of the castle gate to gather complimentary items continuously.
6. Constantly deal with structure upgrades & investigating
Keeping whatever in your kingdom totally updated is the only thing you must aim for. It’s a pretty easy routine you will need to get into: update your castle, then bring each structure in your empire to the maximum level. Rinse and repeat and you’ll turn into one of the best gamers in the game.

7. Max out your troops
Ensure that you always have the military camping tents full and your soldiers levelled up, prepared for battle. You should also ensure diversity when it pertains to soldiers as each kind of troop includes different advantages and disadvantages.

If you, for some reason, handle to train more troops than you can feed, you can dismiss them. But just do this as a temporary thing, till you get enough food in order to support a complete army, otherwise, you will not get too far.

8. Your Airship Dock
Your Airship Dock and your Airship give you great bonuses in a fight and you ought to also focus on Enhancing it in order to get the most in a fight. This is basically your Hero or Leader and there are lots of goodies that you can unlock for it, like artefacts and capabilities. Make sure that you continuously check it out and use all abilities that you have, then boost it to get a lot more from it.

These would be our suggestions and techniques for Guns of Glory Cheats. If you have additional suggestions or strategies for fellow players, don’t hesitate to share them with all of us in the remark section listed below.